Action and Reaction! They both were trying to figure out the loop and get out of it in some way! But before they could debate more on the action and reaction loop there it was! Sunrise! It was 6.30 am in the morning! The night had just passed. Without any fear without any loneliness! She looked at him and said, “See I told you, it’s not that bad! Stranded on the middle of the road with nowhere to go! It was just the fear of being there. Being there was beautiful. Won’t you agree?” she asked.

“Yes I would. Now what?” He asked.

“Now get going. Hurry up. I have to get ready and go.” She said.

“Go where?” He asked confused.

“I have lost my home Dumbo! Not my Job! C’mon now! I have to conquer the world!” She laughed and continued, “And let’s find something to eat. Staying awake whole night just makes you so fatigued and hungry.”

She yawned and He stretched and they were both about to leave when they heard, “It’s a good idea to brush your teeth before you have something.”

They turned around to look. It was her mother standing there. They were all teary eyed. It was a beautiful moment. Her mother walked up to her, held her hand and said, “Probably it’s a better idea to brush and bath before conquering the world.”

They were all smiling now. Those teary eyed smiles.

“How did you know I am here?” she asked her mother. They both turned to look at him. He just nodded and gave a sheepish smile. She smiled too.

But her smile faded. Probably she remembered all that had happened. She looked at her mother with those uncompromising expressions and said, “I am not returning home.”

He knew she was not going to budge. Her mother looked at her and said, “Listen, I have not come here for negotiations. Whatever happened should not have happened. Probably we couldn’t identify with your thoughts. As of now can you just come home? We can talk over this later. Your sister, father and I all want to talk to you. But right now, just come home. ”

She thought for a while and said sternly “I am coming home only on one condition.”

“Didn’t I just say, I am not here for negotiations!” her mother replied in a tone matching her sternness.

“I have had enough and I am not taking in anymore.” She refused to budge.

Her mother finally gave up and asked, “What is it?”

She looked at her mother with a straight face and said, “No more Idli and Poha for breakfast!”




“So are you going to create your own life?” He asked.

“Yes of course!” She smiled.

“So you know exactly what to do, how to do and where you’re heading!” He exclaimed.

“No. I don’t know.” She replied.

“Then what will you do? Aren’t you scared?” he asked.

“Obviously I am scared. I have never been on my own. I have all throughout had a family who supported me emotionally, physically, financially and in every possible way. And now, I am all alone. When I spoke about fears I didn’t say I don’t have them. I just said I am going to face them. I don’t even know what am I going to do tomorrow morning.” She said. She checked her watch. It was 4.30 am. ‘It’s not tomorrow anymore. It’s today.’ She reminded herself.

“So you walked out of your place, fought with your family for something that you don’t know?” he said with a hint of both anger and confusion.

“Precisely! I have always been fine with not knowing things. I don’t know where I am heading or what am I supposed to do. But the thing is, I am fine with not knowing things. I know it’s only a matter of time before I do know the way. I am not anxious about not knowing things. You see anxiety… reaction to a situation of not knowing… basically a reaction and not an action!! Why fall into that trap?” her eyes were now gleaming.

“So do you know your purpose? I mean the purpose of your life?” he asked.

“No. but I do know, the day you figure out your purpose of life, you’ll find out it is all about the path and the journey. There is no destination. There are just milestones of our accomplishments. No destination!”

“What rubbish? Of course it is about the destination, about achieving a particular goal!” he retorted.

“Yes. It is about achieving the goals. I agree. But what after you have achieved your goals? Void?” she paused for a while, gazed at him and then continued, “You set a new goal and move on. That’s it! The moment you realize this, you have a new beginning. And when you know nothing is permanent either, you stop reacting. I am waiting for the day when me and my purpose are no longer two different things. When we all realize that we are the purpose!”



“Do you realize how powerful this entire concept of action and reaction is?” She asked him. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The entire world functions on this concept alone. The law of Karma, some call it. The nature’s law, others call it. Nobody can escape it. None.”

“You know the best part; our actions are always good, in fact great. It is our reaction to something that puts us into trouble. In my research about our tendency to react and how to prevent it, I have just noticed one thing. You can name the emotion and figure out whether it is an action or reaction. For example, Anger; you’re angry about something/at someone. Similarly emotions like vengeance or guilt. You’re guilty about something. But at the same time there are these emotions like peace and happiness which does not have an about factor. You’re not at peace about something/someone. You’re just at peace.”

“So the thoughts that arise from such emotions like anger or fear put us into a lot of trouble. Here’s a catch! If you’re really angry you should do what is to be done. The problem that I am trying to point out is, when we don’t let these emotions manifest. We suppress our anger or fear and it is brooding inside us. Be rest assured that it is slowly turning you into a beast. We associate ourselves a lot with action but what about our thoughts? Every thought will have an equal and opposite reaction as well. “To Think” is an action. Very few people understand this logic.”

She was contemplating on her words.

“At every juncture we have two choices: to act or to react. And these are the only choices that we have. There is no right or wrong way. Our choices make us who we are. Nothing is pre-destined. We are a product of our choices. It is not easy to know or accept this because we have for too long believed in and blamed destiny for a lot many things. You are always powerful enough to create your own destiny. You know it! You just choose not to believe it because then, you’ll end up blaming yourself for everything. Everything Good & Bad and that contradicts with everything we are taught. Imagine being thankful to ourselves rather than thanking the God? It scares us, doesn’t it? How selfish we feel! We seeing our mistakes that led us to the pitfall and blaming ourselves! To know that there is no one who can help us but we ourselves alone! We are still not willing to take our lives into our hands and mold it the way we want to.”


Author’s Note:

I don’t know what happened next. Do you feel cheated that I left the story mid-way? Or maybe you’ll label me as somebody who couldn’t conclude what she began.

I understand that you want to know where she went. What happened to her? What were her struggles and did she end up with glory or gloom?

But here’s a take; that was her story. I want you to write yours. I know all my readers have somewhere associated themselves with her. But it was her story. Our longing for a perfect story and a perfect ending emerges from our fascination for perfection. There is nothing called perfection. We all have our struggles and in those moments we have our realizations. The only thing common between her, you and me are her realizations. They are all the same and we all had them. But the stories are always different. What you would do with your life matters. Matters more than what she did with hers. Her awakening and realizations mattered; Not her story because you have a better story, far more empowering, than her’s. You have faced a lot more struggles than her.

I would love to hear your story; Your Challenges, your realizations and your decision to shape your life ahead. Your take on actions and reactions. Please leave your comments in the comment section. You can also email me at

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